We kick off our open clinic series where you get to ask our doctors about your health concerns.

Not your pants, but your sneeze. A study has shown that letting out an explosive sneeze is safer than stifling it because it affects your health.

We ask all the embarrassing questions for you including the meaning of the colour of your snot and whether it is okay to pick your nose.

Are radio announcers more susceptible to ear infections and hearing loss? Should you be using earphones, headphones or wireless earbuds?

Is it the common flu or strep throat? Should you take cough drops or let it go away on its own? Do you need to remove your tonsils or can you keep it?

Your tongue helps with tasting, swallowing, chewing and talking. Nonetheless, the tongue is prone to several diseases that could interfere with its functions.

The Star

Consider the various treatment options for children who snore due to enlarged tonsils.

Nosebleeds in children and the necessary evil of air-conditioning.

Glue ear and wax impaction are common causes of conductive hearing loss in children.

The child with an earache: Underdoing and overdoing treatment.

Just because your child has sinus symptoms doesn't mean that they have an allergy.

The pharyngeal tonsils: the fall guy for all throat symptoms.

Being overly concerned with cleanliness will do more harm than good to your kids.